When considering the acquisition of a small business, we look for businesses that meet our investment criteria and operate in one or more of our target industries.  We also seek out owners that have experienced several years of success in their business and are now ready to exit.  If you are ready to talk about your exit strategy, we’d be happy to discuss a potential transaction that meets both of our needs. 

Investment Criteria

Approvis Partners primarily invests in main street and small businesses located in the United States. We are seeking companies with a track record of success and steady growth to either acquire or partner with. Our investment criteria are listed below.

  • Industry Focus:
    • Distribution
    • Parts Manufacturing and Component Assembly
    • Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and related consumables
  • Revenue between $2 million and $30 million annually
  • EBITDA of less than $3 million
  • In business for at least 5 years with a consistent track record of success
  • Diverse customer base